5 Ways To Jazz Up That Workspace

By Taryn Rosenberg

Picture this: you’re six months into a job, and while you had every intention to make your desk the shining, organized desk of envy, it’s now just a place where your coffee mug, sticky notes and banana peel live.

Or maybe you dreamed of jazzing up your home office, but instead, your workstation is covered in mail and looks NOTHING like the images you pinned on Pinterest.

We’ve all been there.

We envy the days where getting new school supplies was crazy exciting, and we especially pine for the times that someone else paid for them. It all meant a fresh start and another year to try to be our best selves.

Well, good news. While we may not be going back to school, we can still use the fall as a time to start over and give our workspaces the freshening up that they deserve. How thrilling would it be to open up a bunch of Amazon packages and have your entire desk transform into a functional, organized and stylish space?

The best part is that it won’t be that expensive, either. Especially if you have free shipping with Amazon Prime. Check out the items below to get inspired.

5 Items to Make Your Workspace Shine


  1. Adjustable Natural Wood Desktop Storage Organizer Display Shelf Rack, Counter Top Bookcase

How cool are these?! These natural wood shelves are completely adjustable and customizable so you can display adjustable-natural-wood-desktop-storage-organizeryour favorite items neatly on your desk. Snag a couple of mini plants like they have in their sample and you can literally breathe some life into your workspace.

If they’re too big for your workstation, you can collapse them or even use one at home and one in your office. One recent reviewer assured us that, “[it] isn’t made from plywood or any of that cheap material; this is real wood,” and that the “shelves took all of 10-15 minutes max to assemble.” Not bad for 30 bucks.



  1. To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packet


Not only are these sticky notes fun, but they have a great purpose. Each one can list what’s on deck for that week in a light and colorful fashion. You can keep all of the pads on your desk at once, or keep a few in your drawer and pull the notes out individually for when the time comes. We especially loved the “To Put Off,” note because sometimes you just need to write something down to make sure it won’t get lost forever.

Or will it? Right. That’s exactly why I needed them.




  1. Weekly // Monthly Desk Pad Pattern Scheduler


No matter how many calendars you have on your phone and email, sometimes it just helps to write things down. This fun and vibrant desk calendar will help you visualize your week (or month) and keep you extra mindful of timing. Plus, the colors and patterns kind of make you feel like you’re on vacation. Choose your preferred overview: weekly or monthly.

Pro Tip: Place your reminders at the top of each day. In the mornings when I walk in, it’s the first thing I look at and it helps me organize my day.



  1. Potted Pen Phone Stand


Coolest way to stash pens ever. We dig that it brightens up your desk area while remaining functional as a pen and phone holder. Be warned that it may not fit all phone sizes, though. Or pens. Or a Cactus.

Items not included, but you knew that.




  1. Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards with Built-in Digital Clock


We know, we know. “What is this, a filing cabinet for ants?” We can appreciate the idea of keeping our incoming business cards organized and kind of freak out over how adorable and mini it is. Plus, it has a digital clock on it which is a helpful bonus.


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