7 Items More Memorable Than A Business Card

By Taryn Rosenberg

It’s 2016 and let’s face it: the concept of business cards is totally antiquated.

If someone wants to exchange contact information, it would be second nature to pull out your phone and make it happen. Plus, if you know a company name, you can likely find an individual’s email address within a few clicks on Google. It’s just not hard to get in touch anymore. Not to mentioned Linkedin, right?

Instead, we use the words, “take my card” at networking events and meetups. It’s an indirect way of saying, “don’t forget me, please.” It lets that person know our services and offerings are worth looking into.

So while it seems tempting to do away with the whole concept, business cards are still culturally relevant and help us stay top of mind with potential prospects or peers. And while you’re in a business setting, it’s always important to seem prepared and memorable.

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In the spirit of standing out, why not mix things up with these seven alternative business card ideas?! You’ll be handing off your most vital contact information (name, email, website) while making a long-lasting impression. And bonus points if your business card can actually double as something functional for your potential client.

While alternative business cards may be a bit more expensive, they may pay off with warm leads in the long run. Perhaps you can even save these in your work bag for your most exciting prospects.

  1. Customized Logo Tag

custom-luggage-tagThrow on your logo and website on these bad boys and you’ve got yourself one of the most useful business cards around.

Best case scenario: your prospect slaps this on their suitcase when they get home and thinks of you every time they travel (+free advertising). Worst case scenario: they toss it afterwards but still think you’re a creative badass. For $0.80 a piece, we think it’s worth the gamble.



  1. Vile of Seasonings

custom-seasoningDoes your business have to do with food? Or maybe you just have a go-to seasoning mix you want to brag about? This may be one of the cooler ideas we’ve seen in awhile.

@Lulu the Baker shares her experience handing these out + all the materials you need to make them.



  1. Coasters

business-coastersThese may be a bit of old hat but we still think they’re worth considering. Throw some branded coasters around an event and suddenly everyone knows where to reach you. Plus, they’re still small enough where a prospect can hang onto one and get in touch. It may be the most clever way to say, “let’s grab a drink and talk about this.”



  1. Mints

I can tell you first hand that I’ve received these customized business card mints and I still pull them out of my bag daily. It’s clever, memorable, and most importantly, functional.






  1. Candy Holder



Same goes for these candy holders! This DIY sweet treat will help you stand out and stay top-of-mind.








  1. Credit Card Holder

credit-card-holderI have one of these on the back of my phone can’t remember life without it. Yet, every single day, someone looks at it and says “I need to get me one of those.” These are totally on trend and can make you seem like you’re ahead of the game. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to have people displaying your logo everywhere they go.






  1. Matches

Clever, useful, branded; it meets all the requirements for a simple, memorable handout. Plus, the design and sleek and totally say, “I’m on fire.”






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