Is Your Profession and Passion the Same Thing?

By Zack Rosenberg

Here is another good question, have you stopped to think about it?

When you reach your freshman year of college almost everyone wants to know what you plan to do with your life. As if at 18 you are fully equipped to answer that questions. Can’t answer it now.

What you plan to do after college is usually the thing you are most passionate about, until reality strikes.

The job you want doesn’t exist or the job you want doesn’t pay.

Even Warren Buffet advises that you do what makes money and not what you love. Using the money to support the things your passionate about on your own time.

Like his friend Bill Gates did.

With DoGoodBuyUs, I really tried to meld the two together. Bringing my passion for supporting amazing causes through a for profit business that was sustainable. Well, until it wasn’t.

My experience with investors came down to this, if you have plans beyond making money, we aren’t interested. This mantra was repeated over and over and over again.

So friends, I turn the question back to you. Can you in fact have a passion for your profession? When you were a kid, is it what you always dreamed you would be doing?

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